The Ministry of Absorption's Business-IL unit for small businesses  

If you consider returning to Israel and bringing your business with you or starting your own business in Israel the Ministry of Absorption in collaboration with the Israeli Authority of Small Business will help you evaluate your business idea prior to your return. Personal advisor will check the commercial feasibility of your business free of charge.
This special project is intended for Toshav Hozer and provides in advanced the essentials tools needed for building a successful small business in Israel.  
  • I decided to start a business in Israel – who will help me in Israel?
    When you arrive in the country, your personal adviser will help you through the processes that are related to setting up a business and receiving the services on offer to entrepreneurs who are new immigrants and returning residents.
  • What are business profiles?
    Business profiles are an analysis of the types of industry operating in Israel. In the profile, you can learn about the level of competition in the industry, rates of profitability, barriers to entry, and more.
  • How can I get personal advice about the business idea that I wish to set up in Israel?
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    personal advice, fill out a short form, and one of our advisers will contact you.
  • What information must I provide to get business advice?
    In order to get preliminary advice, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire. If necessary, we will ask you to fill out an expanded version of the questionnaire that will be sent to you by e-mail.
  • Is there a fee for this advice?
    No.  The consultancy service is paid for by the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption and the  Authority for Small and Medium-sized Businesses in Israel.
  • Is the information that I send kept confidential?
    Absolutely. Your personal information is sent only to your personal business adviser.
  • Who is a returning resident? (toshav hozer)
    Returning resident is an Israeli citizen who has resided abroad for at least two years.
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  • What is the Authority for Small Businesses?
    The Authority was set up to be an agency that formulates policy that can assist businesses and initiatives, a body which would formulate policy for promoting small and medium-sized businesses, and assist entrepreneurs, as well as serve as the focus for activity in this field and coordinate the work of various bodies active in this area. The main objective of the Authority is to assist entrepreneurs in surmounting the obstacles and difficulties facing them.
  • What is MATI?
    MATI or the Entrepreneurial Promotion Centers,  acts as a one stop shop , one central address for the business owner or entrepreneur, where he can find a package of services provided for his benefit or receive guidance and information about other relevant tools operated by various organizations and agencies for his benefit.
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