incubators in Israel

About incubators in Israel
Today there are 24 incubators located throughout Israel managing around 200 projects, 39% of the projects are in medical device and 19% are in biotechnology.Click here for more information about the incubators program.
The incubators program nurtures novice entrepreneurs at the earliest stage of technological innovation, helps them implement their ideas by turning them into exportable commercial products and form productive business ventures in Israel. By absorbing a large portion of the risk in this early stage, where commercial money plays a minor role, the technological incubators provide entrepreneurs with physical premises, financial resources, tools, professional guidance and administrative assistance - so that, during their stay in the incubator, they may turn their abstract ideas into products of proven feasibility, novelty and advantages sought in the international marketplace.
During the 2-3 years project period a special attention is given on ways to enhance money raising, finding strategic partners and build an infrastructure for a business can stand on its own feets. Typical project stays in the incubator for 2-3 years until proof of principal is achieved (pre clinical and/or clinical studies for biotech and pilot or working prototype for a technical product). Typical available budget per project is $500,000 but substantially higher amounts can be secured for specific biotech projects.

What are the incubators looking for?
Skilled, proactive and committed entrepreneurs who would like to return to Israel with an idea for an innovative product or technology that addresses a substantial market need in a significant and growing market.  The idea should have a clear and defendable IP (intellectual property). Incubators may be willing to pay for the IP licensing of attractive projects that are related to research institutes, if the terms are not too commercialization-restrictive.

How do the incubators evaluate your idea for a new project?
In order to enable incubators and investors to evaluate your project they will give
you forms to fill in. In many occasions incubators will be ready to receive only partial
answers to the question in their form. You can find a typical assessment form

To which incubators I should apply with my idea?
Almost all of the incubators were privatized and have different requirements for project 
types according to their protfolio of investment and their experties.  It is better to "shop 
around" and offer your project to several incubators.