What do we do to achieve our goals?

BioAbroad’s Reach:            


* 1800+ members    

* 22 countries    

* 18 centers in North America    


What Do We Do?    


BioAbroad opens doors for Israeli scientists living overseas with:    

¨ Travel grants to Israel    

¨ A well updated job offer data base    

¨ Professional seminars that bolster connections among scientists    

¨ Meetings and Webinars with representatives of Israeli industry and academia    

¨ Get-togethers that bolster Israeli identity for scientists living overseas    

¨ Job fairs & meetings supporting those in the process of returning home    

¨ Women in Science program to empower young Israeli women scientists    


BioAbroad connects Israeli scientists, doctors and entrepreneurs living around the world with its:    

¨ Innovative search engine that facilitates connections among colleagues    

¨ Active social media groups and a monthly newsletter    

¨ Annual award for exceptional Israeli researchers    

¨ Networking events