Job description:
The Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Sciences at the Hebrew
University invites you to apply for a tenure‐track position in the Life
Sciences with emphasis on the following disciplines:
 Biochemistry, Structural and Molecular Biology, & Protein
 Systems Biology, Eco‐genomics, Bioinformatics & Computational
 Ecology, Evolution, Ecosystems Animal Behavior, Biodiversity &
Global Environmental Change
 Functional Genomics, Epigenetics & Genetic Basis of Diseases
 Cellular and Developmental Biology, Stem Cells, Metabolism &
 Plant Science (Development, Physiology and Biochemistry)
 Neurobiology with the exception of higher brain functions (this
position could be shared with the Edmond and Lilly Safra Center
for Brain Sciences)
 Natural History Collections ‐ Recruits are expected to combine
academic research and teaching with the development of collectionbased
research programs. Outstanding candidates in all fields
related to the Natural History Collections will be considered

Job requirements:
Candidates are expected to have a strong interest and track record in
research, outstanding academic credentials, and a strong commitment to
graduate and undergraduate education. Candidates must have a PhD
and/or MD degree. Postdoctoral research experience is highly
recommended, although exceptional candidates without postdoctoral
experience may be considered.
Our recruits are expected to establish and lead a team of graduate
students in M.Sc. and Ph.D. research. They are also expected to teach and
develop courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Each application (in English) must include the following items:
 Application Form
 Passport photo
 Curriculum Vitae: http://academicsecretary.
 List of Publications:http://academicsecretary.
 Scientific Biography
 Research Statement/Proposal
 Teaching Interests
 Copies of 1‐3 representative papers
 Recommendation letters from PhD adviser/s and Post‐doc host/s
 List of 5 potential reviewing scientists in your field
All applicants must register and submit their applications via an on‐line
system using the following link:

Application Deadline: October 31st, 2016

For further inquiries regarding application please contact:


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