TAU - Sagol School of Neuroscience

Job description:
The first call of the center for proposals of disruptive ideas to revolutionize the field of Education and Learning! The center will offer 4 post docs and 4 PhD fellowships for excellent candidates mentored by a Tel Aviv University PI. Minducate students will receive dedicated entrepreneurial training, and will participate and contribute to events, seminars and other activities that the center will organize, building their leadership in the field.
Postdoc candidates from outside the university are most welcome to submit an independent Minducate proposal and attach a support letter from a Tel Aviv University's PI that is willing to host them - for assistance in finding a partner please contact Dr. Dana Bar-On, Head of Industry-Academia cooperation, Sagol School of Neuroscience (

Job requirements:
For Post Docs:
PhD thesis submitted before start of employment.
Expertise in the fields of Education/Computer Science/Neuroscience/exact Science/Psychology and related fields
Excellent track record (e.g. high impact publications, patents, awards etc.)
Highly motivated, leadership skills, creative, innovation-oriented.

Deadlines: Letter of intent: 15/09/16; full submission: 10/10/16; Submission to:
Please see more details: Website: and


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