Job description:

● Development and advancement of teaching and curricula in the field of health professions and medical humanities; implementation of new teaching methods; involvement in updating curricula from the perspective of innovations in teaching; leading initiatives in medical education, medical humanities and faculty development.

● Development and advancement of medical educational research in all the domains the Faculty of Health Sciences engages in, including teaching and education in basic research, clinical-based teaching and the medical humanities.

● Guidance of students for advanced degrees in health professions

Job requirements:
PhD or MD degree; senior lecturer/assistant professor level in a faculty-position; academic experience in teaching and research in the field of education and medical bio-ethics and in the medical humanities domain; academic management abilities and leadership skills; acquaintance with and a personal perspective based on a broad holistic outlook of the health sciences as a discipline.

Knowledge in the development of teaching vehicles / teaching methods with proven experience in the digital domain and development of telecommunications-based and digital teaching.
The ability to integrate into the spirit driving the Health Sciences Faculty at Ben-Gurion University where there is a strong tradition based on a holistic perspective, tolerance, empathy, a sense of mission and community involvement.

Candidates are required to submit a full resume, including a detailed history of the individual’s teaching positions, a list of courses taught, research methods employed, research grants awarded and a full list of the candidate’s published works. In addition, the candidate must choose and append to their application three recommendation letters and three articles/publications they have authored for the process of evaluation and recommendation, or any other material that can assist in evaluating the candidate. Please send your submission to Prof. Jacob Urkin by Nov.30, 2016


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