Tel Hai College

Job description:
Tel Hai College is seeking excellent candidates for available academic positions (Professor/Associate Professor/Lecturer in Food Science), beginning in 2017.
Position requirements include teaching courses with focus on food technologies and establishing a research group in the field of expertise of the candidate. The research will be conducted at Tel Hai College, using the facilities on campus and in the surrounding area (pilot plant, sensory lab, dairy lab, wine lab, product development lab, analytical lab).

Job requirements:
• Doctorate in Food Science, Material Engineering or Chemical Engineering
• Knowledge in food technology, focus in advance new processing technologies
• Preferred - after post-doc of at least 2 years in the field
• Teaching and guiding students skills
• Experience in grant application writing and publications
• Advantage – experience in collaborations with the industry

CV's should be sent to:
Prof. Segula Masaphy, Head of Department of Food Sciences,
Rotem Mutay (secretary )

Haifa & North

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