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Ministry of Absorption, Toshav Hozer, Customs, Tax and Bituach Leumi
Ministry of Absorption "Coming Home" Program
In its web site the Ministry of Absorption details all the benefits that it offers for returning Israelis that stayed abroad for more than 2 years. The main benefits include health insurance fine exemption, assistance in finding a job or financing work training for carreer change, customs benefits and more. The ministry operates a hot line for assistance - 972-3-973-3333. You can find an article that summarizes the benefits here.
Toshav-Hozer website includes information about: Shipment, Import, real estate. 
If you intend to return to Israel in the coming year we highly reccomend to contact the hot line six months in advance so you may maximize your benefits.
Toshav Hozer  benefits are given to scientists after a stay of 3 yearsand above. Click here for Misrad Haklita benefits.


What can you bring with you with no duty? The Israeli customs benefits are listed here. All equipment not listed in the list is bound to duty tax as per the following guidance.  
A good online store for purchasing transformers and electrical appliances compatible to Israel's broadcast and electricity requirements is here.

Tax and Bituach Leumi for returning resident, written by CPA Ishay Etsion:

New Relieves in Israel for Returning Residents in Bituach Leumi and Bituach Briut Mamlachti
Relocation - Israeli Tax and Social Security Implications
Updating the Israeli tax exemption on the rental of an apartments
When do Israelis abroad, or Israelis with income from abroad, have to file an Israeli tax return
Check List regarding Israeli Income Tax - Returning Resident and New Immigrant
Maintenance of Life Insurance Policies of Israeli Abroad and Residency for Tax Purposes
Paying Social Security in Israel while Living Abroad
Tax Ramifications of an Israeli resident owns an LLC in the U.S.
Tax Consequences and Traps of Exercising Options by Israeli Employees on Relocation 
Reduction of Tax in Israel due to an Offset of Expenses Abroad
Reduction in Israeli taxes on the exercise of options into shares